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Sorceress of Night
Oh Sorceress of Night, beacon to the darkness
Beckoning the flames, twist the dancing tongues to your will
Ride the dragon, fill the sky with your shadow
From bubbling ooze of primordial depths
Conjure together creatures of life undead
Perform the necromantic ritual deep within
The bowels of the earth in your darkened chamber
Amidst smoldering candles dripping wax in glistening pools of midnight black
As twisted shadows writhe upon the wall
You delve into forbidden knowledge
Seeking secrets more ancient than time
:iconblackearthfire:blackearthfire 2 0
Ophidian Communion
A serpents tongue dances within her mouth
As the nectar of her flesh drips upon the cold stone floor
Hands tightly wrapped around ornate chalice
Lifted to nightshade kissed lips tasting
The warm blood within
Her sparkling jewels shine in the flickering light
As she lifts the vessel above head
Eyes like twin moons in hooded clouds lifted skyward
Chanting as lithe body sways serpentine
Rhythmically entranced
By the rising smoke of the incense
Swirling in monstrous forms before her
With eyes closed she bring cup to aching lips
Drinking deeply of the elixir within
Filled with its warm ecstasy
She falls to her knees
Holding writhing serpent aloft
Anointing it with her essence
While the candlelight casts an eerie glow
Upon skin of alabaster
Reveling in the worship of
A slithering master
:iconblackearthfire:blackearthfire 10 2
cactus by skogmesteren cactus :iconskogmesteren:skogmesteren 2 12 sheshan ii by majesticnocturne sheshan ii :iconmajesticnocturne:majesticnocturne 7 6 thy bless by majesticnocturne thy bless :iconmajesticnocturne:majesticnocturne 2 8 early morning by majesticnocturne early morning :iconmajesticnocturne:majesticnocturne 2 8 the woods by majesticnocturne the woods :iconmajesticnocturne:majesticnocturne 1 3 up there by majesticnocturne up there :iconmajesticnocturne:majesticnocturne 4 12
shine oh bright star
burning one
oh shine
let your radiance rain down
in the all colors of astral splendor
beyond the firmanent of time and space
where all is hidden
upon thy brow wear
your crown
adorn yourself in raniments
garments of your desire
thy silvery fire glowing
black hearted and cold
painted with warmth and beauty
brilliance of her creation
too thee i drink
too thee i feast
in eyes and in tongues
seen and spoken by no one
since the serpent spewed the
the molten earth
and the dragon belched fire
to form you
a brilliant star
shining brighter than the firmanent
across aeons of time and space
a reminder of ancient race
:iconblackearthfire:blackearthfire 1 3
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Kati Astraeir
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Favourite genre of music: space ambient & tech house
Favourite style of art: visionary, surreal, mystical, esoteric, psychedelic


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